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Cast Aluminum and Zinc Shot Blast Media
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Welcome to Transmet

The video below is an example of our Chill Block Melt Spinning process producing aluminum flakes.  During this 30 second video 60,000,000 flakes were produced.

Transmet Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of rapidly solidified metal flakes, shot blasting media, and particulates.

These products are made by quenching molten metal at rates up to one million degrees Celsius per second.  Transmet’s primary products are very pure aluminum flakes, zinc flakes and particulates, including Cast Aluminum Shot and Cast Zinc Shot.

About Us

The Transmet Corporation was incorporated in 1979 as a subsidiary of Battelle to commercialize its patented Rapid Solidification Technology (RST) for producing solid metal products directly from a molten state in a fraction of a second. The molten metal is pressured by pumps or air and delivered to the casting substrate. The particles are removed from the chillblock with centrifugal force and prepared for shipment.

The company was reorganized as an independent, private company in 1990 and now is the world’s largest supplier of rapidly solidified aluminum and zinc alloy particulates used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial products and processes. Transmet produces millions of pounds of particles annually.