Abrasive Blast Media

Established in 1979, Transmet Corporation is a manufacturer of Cast Aluminum Shot and Cast Zinc Shot blast media. Transmet’s unique casting process results in high durability, long-lasting blast media proven to outlast alternatives.



Paint and Coating Removal: Transmet Cast Shot products have proven to be cleaner and less costly than other paint and coating removal methods like chemical stripping, burn off, and even shot blasting with other media.

Shot Blasting Paint Removal From Paint Reject Part With Transmet Cast Zinc Shot Blast Media

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Surface Finishing of Castings: Transmet Cast Shot products are used in surface finishing applications where ferrous contamination and/or damage to parts being shot blasted is a concern.

Aluminum Die Cast parts after shot blasting with Transmet Cast Zinc Shot blast media     Aluminum Die Cast part after shot blasting (deburring and flash removal) with Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot blast media

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Corrosion Removal in Remanufacturing: Transmet Cast Shot products are similar in hardness to many substrates, making it easy to clean old paint, corrosion, and residue to refresh cores to “like new” OEM appearance.

Remanufactured Cast Iron Turbo Housing Part After Shot Blasting With Transmet Cast Zinc Shot Blast Media

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Increased Durability

Many people are surprised to discover just how durable Cast Aluminum Shot and Cast Zinc Shot blast media are compared to other commonly used alternatives:

Blast Media Durability Comparison Between Cast Zinc Shot, Cast Aluminum Shot, Cast Steel, Zinc Cut Wire, and Cast Stainless Steel


Reduced Machine Wear

Transmet Abrasive Blast Media significantly reduces damage and wear on high-wear internal components like the impeller, control cage, wheel liners, blast wheel and blades. Cabinet wear as a whole is virtually eliminated.

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