Cast Aluminum Shot


Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot
Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot is gentle enough to protect delicate gasket surfaces and critical date coding information; yet aggressive enough for deburring and flash removal of light metal castings and cleaning rust, scale, or corrosion from remanufactured parts.

Cast Aluminum Shot is perfect for applications requiring a smooth, bright metallic finish free from ferrous contamination. Its lower bulk density allows Cast Aluminum Shot to transmit less energy to parts being blasted; critical on thin-walled parts to prevent warping.

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Aluminum Shot vs Other Blast Media

Transmet’s unique casting process results in high durability, long-lasting blast media proven to outlast alternatives. Cast Aluminum Shot lasts longer than stainless steel, almost 2x longer than zinc cut wire, almost 3x longer than steel shot, and 1,000x longer than glass bead and aluminum oxide.

Durability Comparison of Blast Media


Applications for Cast Aluminum Shot

Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot Blast Media is ideal for shot blasting (or abrasive blasting) applications including surface finishing of castings, deburring, flash removal, corrosion removal, paint removal, coating removal, and more.

More applications: profiling for coating & lubrication adhesion, blast cleaning parts during remanufacture, refractory mold release removal from dies, and more.

Visit the Blast Media Applications page to learn more.


Two Alloys of Cast Aluminum Shot

The 319 alloy is the most popular and aggressive form of Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot. It was engineered to have an ideal blend of hardness and durability with an average cycle life of 8,000 cycles.

Product Name
S.A.E. Equivalent
Typical Shot Dia. (inches/
Knoop Hardness as Cast**
Knoop Hardness Peak in Use**
RSA-400(319) S-170 .015/400 102 149
RSA-600(319) S-230 .024/600 102 149
RSA-900(319) S-280 .035/900 102 149
RSA-1200(319) S-390 .047/1200 102 149


The 2N alloy is made from very pure aluminum and is significantly softer than the 319 alloy and not as aggressive. It is used on very delicate surfaces where a very smooth finish is desired. Average cycle life is 14,000 cycles.

Product Name
S.A.E. Equivalent
Typical Shot Dia. (in/micron)
Knoop Hardness as Cast**
Knoop Hardness Peak in Use**
RSA-400(2N) S-170 .015/400 25 36
RSA-600(2N) S-230 .024/600 25 36
RSA-900(2N) S-280 .035/900 25 36
RSA-1200(2N) S-390 .047/1200 25 36

Standard packaging for 319 and 2N aluminum products is 50 lb. bags.


Eliminate Shot Blasting Machine Wear

Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot significantly reduces damage and wear on high-wear internal components like the impeller, control cage, wheel liners, blast wheel and blades. Cabinet wear as a whole is virtually eliminated.

This blast wheel has been exclusively running Cast Zinc Shot (similar to Cast Aluminum Shot in shot blasting machines) for 16,200 hours:

Shot Blasting Machine Blast Wheel After 16,200 Hours Running Cast Zinc Shot Blast Media


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