About Us

More than 80 years ago, Battelle Memorial Institute set out to be a major force in science and technology discovery and in the translation of knowledge into innovative applications that have significant societal and economic impacts.

Steel industrialist Gordon Battelle provided for the Battelle Memorial Institute in his 1923 last will and testament after a career devoted to the idea that science and research can solve problems in business and society as a whole.

This is the noble intention from which Transmet Corporation was born.

Company History

In 1979, some of the brightest and most creative minds in the country incorporated Transmet as a subsidiary of Battelle to commercialize patented Rapid Solidification Technology (RST) for producing solid metal products directly from a molten state in a fraction of a second.

Transmet was reorganized as an independent, private company in 1990 to continue the idea that science and research can solve problems. Transmet has partnered with universities, businesses, and government and produces millions of pounds of particles annually.

Today, Transmet is the world’s largest supplier of rapidly solidified Aluminum and Zinc alloy particulates.


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