Ohio State Interns working with Transmet

Nov 08 2019, by Transmet Corp in News & Events

Christina Pedicini and Zhenghui (Dirk) Wu

Welcome to  our Ohio State interns Christina Pedicini and Zhenghui (Dirk) Wu are working with Transmet Corporation on a special project.

They are currently analyzing a process that consists of improving key components of the casting process.  Critical issues were found to be hiding in many areas including supplier variability.  As the project progresses the underlying issues continued to spread into new areas.  After we had a good understanding of all the variables, the interns will set up a spreadsheet tracking all of the data.

We will then control the variables and systematically optimized the process.  The goal of the project is to improve the casting process thus increasing production rates.

Christina is in the Industrial Engineering program and is working on her green belt.  Dirk is in the Master of Business Logistics Engineering and is working on his yellow belt.