Fast Melt WB Coating

In today’s manufacturing environment we all need to save money and improve our processes. We believe in FastMelt-WB and would like to show it to you!

FastMelt-WB is a graphite based coating that is brushed or sprayed on aluminum sows for a faster melt time. Transmet has been using FastMelt-WB since March of 2006. Our management and employees are well pleased with the results since we have adopted usage of the product.

“With FastMelt-WB we have reduced our temperature and melt zone by 600°F and increased melt rate by 40%!”

~Dave Smith, Aluminum Production Supervisor, Transmet Corporation

Chemistry is very important to Transmet and their customers. Transmet melts 99.92 to 99.99 purity sows and ingots. Our melt and finished product chemistries are checked daily in house. We have never had an aluminum chemistry problem while using FastMelt-WB.

Energy Savings
While using FastMelt-WB, Transmet can melt up to 40% more lbs/hour and save up to 25% on natural gas usage depending upon our production demands.

FastMelt-WB is easy to brush on. Transmet operators are impressed with the ease that the product can be used.

Furnace Wear
We have lowered our dry hearth melt zone temperature 600° F and now typically melt at 1450º F. Our pumping well bath temperature fluctuates very little using the FastMelt-WB.

Pumping Well Aluminum
The molten aluminum bath maintains a very constant temperature when using the FastMelt-WB. This has improved our process and product quality.

For the five years Transmet has been using FastMelt-WB we have consistently averaged 99.2% aluminum yield from our melting process. This is based on using Century Aluminum Sow. Stated in the reverse we only have a total dross loss of 0.8%.

Need MORE data on Fastmelt-WB?

  • Click here for a picture demonstration of our melting process
  • Click here for a data chart of time and temperature of melt

Transmet invites you to visit and see Fastmelt-wb in operation. Call and we can coordinate a time.

Just contact us and we can coordinate a time! Confidentiality agreements will be required to cover the other aspects of what Transmet does. You can talk with any of our supervisors or operators and get their direct and honest feedback.